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dynemaa + logoLift-Tex® Industrie B.V. has a scoop! As the first manufacturer of synthetic lifting materials worldwide, Lift-Tex® succeeded  in producing a synthetic round sling with a MBL of 2500T. A roundsling with such a strenght (lifting capacity) breaks a record in the international lifting industry. The sling is tested in an official testing location of DNV/GL in Norway, on one of the biggest testing benches in Europe. For more information, read our Press release.

For Heavy Lift projects in the wind energy, oil, gas and on-and offshore industry, this is a breakthrough concerning the transportation, (re)placement, installation or disassembling of mega modules by using round slings instead of steel cables or ropes. 


The EXTREEMA® round sling can save offshore specialized companies a lot of costs thanks to the lightweight slings. EXTREEMA® round slings are very flexible and can be produced in various models, in contrary to steelcable slings, lifting ropes and chains. The round slings are therefore very user friendly. Waiting times are reduced to a minimum thanks to the short and flexible delivery times. 

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EXTREEMA® Press Release
Extreema 5T & 10T slings
Extreema® slings user instructions
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